Automatic PCB Assembly Machine

If you are looking for reliable PCB assembly, then look no further, you’ve certainly arrived at the right destination. Automatic PCB Assembly Machine Printed Circuit Board (PCB) Assembly is one of the most important manufacturing processes for the production of consumer electronic products. Thanks to technology and innovation in general, you can now get high-value PCB assembly without spending a fortune. Work with proven experts that have many years of experience in the industry. With over 20 years of experience in electronic manufacturing, Southern Machinery is an industry leader and it would be our pleasure to service all your PCB assembly requirements.

Automatic PCB Assembly Machine

Take full advantage of the benefits of utilizing your own PCB Assembly Service. Choosing Southern Machinery will cost you much less in both the short term and long term. Skip the guesswork and researching and leave your factory start-up to us, we will save you time and money in getting your PCB Assembly up, running, and automated. Your long-term return on invest (ROI) will also increase with producing PCBs in-house, as it usually requires a large capital investment in manufacturing facilities, lines and machinery as well as the hiring and training of qualified personnel. Using a proven industry leader for your PCB assembly allows you to focus time and energy on your core business and leave the PCB assembly to the proven specialists at Southern Machinery.

Furthermore, your organization will benefit from the economic leveraging of your capital investments into PCB manufacturing facilities, equipment, and personnel, to generate reduced costs per unit, which can make your products more competitive in the marketplace. Finally, our PCB assembly services can also include electronic design services. These value-added design services can verify the accuracy and precision of your electronic designs, leading to significant improvements for production output and resulting in superior products with higher quality that your target market will love. Let SMT handle your PCB assembly today.

CO2/Green light/UV /PCB Laser marking machine S-300


1.Automatic analysis of bar code quality
2.Engraving depth control system
3.Non-contact temperature closed loop control system
4.Super light spot after laser focusing technology
5.Engraving quality intelligent detection system
6.Bar code level analysis system
7.Machine with function of sever
8.Software customization
9.The Link SFIS management workshop site easily
10.Put the barcode NG technology carving
11.NG barcode for moment Visual programming diagram function
12.Built-in Z axis adjusting mechanism
13.Can choose pulse width Fiber optical  laser

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